Baobab Planet

Baobab Planet 1.0.2880

A fantasy planet full of games for kids


  • All sorts of games and activities
  • Suitable for kids and parents
  • Customizable character


  • Characters don't speak - only text messages

Very good

Baobab Planet is a kind of online RPG for children, set in a world of fantasy and full of activities for them.

The main aim behind Baobab Planet is to provide kids with a bunch of educational activities on the computer, so that they can have fun while training their memory, attention, reflexes and other skills with lots of different mini games.

For each game and activity the children solve correctly, they're awarded points they can spend on clothes for their character and objects to decorate their own tree house in Baobab Planet. Everything in Baobab Planet is created and designed for children: the interface is clear and easy to use, and the graphics are cute and colorful.

Baobab Planet is mainly intended for kids, but the idea is that parents play the game with them, helping them to solve games and proposing new challenges to them.

With Baobab Planet your kids will enter in a fantasy world with lots of games to solve and funny characters to meet.

Baobab Planet


Baobab Planet 1.0.2880

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